Ballet 1

Learn the basics of ballet while building grace, poise, flexibility and strength. Experience the classical style without the intimidation or stress often associated with ballet.

Focusing on ballet vocabulary, the class will be centred on building coordination to gain strength. We will focus on balance and stillness first and, from there, begin to deeply understand movement mechanics so we can fully embody and enjoy every moment!

A class that is “user-friendly” and paced to bring ballet “to the people.”

Ballet 2 & Ballet 3

Build flexibility, maintain muscle tone and enhance technique with the intent to let loose with juicy centre exercises. Emphasis placed on developing a wide range of classical steps. Each class provides full workout at barre, adage, pirouettes, moving turns, petit allegro, and grand allegro. Learn and rehearse choreographies intended to challenge technique and nurture the foundation which ballet provides for the committed dancer.

Barre Open

This class is designed with your fitness in mind. It is for those who would rather dance while not noticing they are exercising.

We will be learning ballet barre exercises that will help strengthen your core, legs, arms and mind! The repetition will allow you to fully engage in the pure physicality of the movement while using a sense of artistic expression. Take an hour for yourself to learn the beauty and grace of ballet in a fitness directed class.

Open to all levels.