Contemporary 1

Contemporary dance is as unique as each teacher that teaches it. Each teacher takes the music, movements and qualities that they enjoy and creates their own style from it. Explore simple ways to move, roll, jump, turn and fall. You will learn basic contemporary dance technique: rhythm, body placement and movement patterns set to a wide range of musical accompaniment from gospel to solo guitar, crazy experimental sounds, to world beat and pop.

Contemporary 2 & Contemporary 3

Expand on basic contemporary technique by moving into more advanced choreographic patterns and technical movement vocabulary. Experienced to advanced dancers will work with a fusion of various contemporary techniques and complex choreographic inspirations. Placement in level 2 or 3 is at the discretion of the teacher.

Contemporary Open

Movers are welcomed to explore creative processes of movement, improvisation and choreography creation with a variety of exercices that will get their bodies and brains working. Principles of falling, release, isolation, inversion, floor and center work will encourage body and self-awareness. The class will use “scores”, imagery and metaphors for letting the movers find new ways to nurture movement and release unconscious holding patterns.

Lyrical Contemporary

Lyrical contemporary is all about expressing emotions and stories through movement. Ballet and contemporary based technique coupled with strength and flexibility training will help dancers find grace and fluidity of movement, on their feet and on the floor. Dancers will also develop a deeper awareness of their bodies and explore how their own physical experience while dancing informs their capacity for expression through movement.