Flamenco 1 beginner

Experience the power of rhythm & sensuality in this foot stomping, hand clapping expressive dance form from Southern Spain. You will learn the basics of rhythm while exploring foot patterns, classic arm & hand movements, and the fundamentals of feet and hand percussion. If you love rhythm and crave a potent, proud form of expression this class is for you.

Flamenco 2 intermediate
Flamenco 3 advanced

Classes explore both traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance. Braceo (arms), florea (hands), torso, cadera (hips), turns (vueltas) and percussive elements (feet, palmas, body percussion, pitos). Musical interpretation, a diversity of palos (song styles) & tools (shawl, fan, hat, skirt) explored. Amp up the speed and complexity as you integrate the upper and lower body into a tornado of powerful rhythm and sensuality.

Flamenco Coaching

Learn how to design your own traditional flamenco solos. Will will look deeper into flamenco history, terminology, the role of the cuadro (live flamenco group), interacting with musicians and different palos (song styles) structures to explore the expressive roots of flamenco. Limited group size. Email Monique@rainodance.com for eligibility and level. There will be two in studio performance opportunities.


Flamenco Technique

Class will explore footwork, braceo (arms), floreo (hands), compas (rhythmn), torso, hips, and vueltas (turns) for all levels of dancer. Release the yoke of choreographic goals and isolate the challenging and diverse techniques of flamenco to improve your dance.

Week at a glance

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Flamenco Techinque12:00 - 1:00 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco 25:00 - 6:15 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco 1/26:15 - 7:30 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco 17:30 - 8:30 pmMonique Salez


Flamenco Technique 15:00 - 6:00 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco Technique 26:00 - 7:00 pmLia Crowe


Flamenco 25:00 - 6:15 pmLia Crowe