Flamenco 2 intermediate
Flamenco 2/3 inter/adv

Classes explore both traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance. Braceo (arms), florea (hands), torso, cadera (hips), turns (vueltas) and percussive elements (feet, palmas, body percussion, pitos). Musical interpretation, a diversity of palos (song styles) & tools (shawl, fan, hat, skirt) explored. Amp up the speed and complexity as you integrate the upper and lower body into a tornado of powerful rhythm and sensuality.

Flamenco 1 beginner
Flamenco 1/2 beg/inter

Explore both traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance.  Class will explore footwork, braceo (arms), floreo (hands), compas (rhythmn), torso, hips, and vueltas (turns) as you increase the expression of your basics. These levels provide opportunity for breakdown and repetition as the dancer finds their way to an integration of percussive dancing with arm/braceo & hand/floreo articulation. The best part is stepping out of your daily grind into the sensuous, complex and potent culture that is Flamenco…ole!

Flamenco Tech & Footwork Bootcamp

All techniques are covered in a methodical way over the year unencumbered by choreographic goals. From dance technique to palmas (handpercussion) to footwork repetition this class is highly recommended as a supplement to a levelled class. It is not how many years you have been dancing, it is how many hours in a week you put on your shoes and literally, hit the floor!

Flamenco Practica

New! Every Saturday morning the studio is an open shared space for a minimal drop in fee where you can put on your earbuds and shoes to practice your flamenco at full volume with fellow students. We have been listening to the challenges of apartment dwellers and co-habitators regarding their need to practice this noisy dance form. A punch pass can be purchased at the office to use on a drop in basis. Enjoy guapas/os!