Flamenco 1 beginner

Experience the power of rhythm & sensuality in this foot stomping, hand clapping expressive dance form from Southern Spain. You will learn the basics of rhythm while exploring foot patterns, classic arm & hand movements, and the fundamentals of feet and hand percussion. If you love rhythm and crave a potent, proud form of expression this class is for you.

Flamenco 2 intermediate
Flamenco 3 advanced

Classes explore both traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance. Braceo (arms), florea (hands), torso, cadera (hips), turns (vueltas) and percussive elements (feet, palmas, body percussion, pitos). Musical interpretation, a diversity of palos (song styles) & tools (shawl, fan, hat, skirt) explored. Amp up the speed and complexity as you integrate the upper and lower body into a tornado of powerful rhythm and sensuality.

Week at a glance

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Flamenco 2/35:00 – 6:00 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco 36:00 – 7:15 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco 17:15 – 8:30 pmLia Crowe


Flamenco 1/25:00 – 6:00 pmMonique Salez
Flamenco 26:00 – 7:15 pmMonique Salez


Flamenco 19:30 - 10:45 amMonique Salez


Flamenco 1/22:45 - 4:00 pmLia Crowe
Flamenco Technique Open Level4:00 - 5:00 pmLia Crowe