The evolution of partner dancing

This class aims to create authentic connection and communication with others through dance. It offers a blend of structure and freedom of movement based on universal principles of convention, musicality and play.

You do not need to be in a couple or have a partner to enroll!

Freestyle partner dancing is not based on gender roles — anyone can lead or follow. The goal is connection, fun,  communication, creativity and coherent relationship through movement.

Over 12 weeks, students will explore musicality and technical elements that allow connection through physical contact such as frames and grips and other fundamental elements of leading and following.

You will learn the basic foundations of partner dancing — beginning with understanding your body as an individual through footwork and coordination — before connecting with others.

You will also explore spatial awareness and how to efficiently communicate without contact to inspire creative non-verbal dialogue through gestures, interpretive associations and creative play.

You will learn perspectives around aesthetics and style and also how to safely convey boundaries and understand social and physical cues for approaching others and inviting the dance conversation.