In each class, simple seeds/prompts — music, words, explorations of space, themes, spacial/temporal constraints, props, etc. — create an expansive container to play with movement from an unedited, in-the-moment place. When we improv, the ideas of right and wrong don’t apply as each dancer focuses on listening and responding from impulses within and without.

When you take away the technical expectation of dance, you take away all hesitancy, you take away all self evaluation of your ability, you retire your personal critic, you remove all judgments — and what is left is your body in its freest and most authentic self. The pure freedom of not knowing what you are going to do makes you tune in deeply to your body and your state of mind at that moment. You find yourself dancing out the scenarios of the day, be they blissful or stressful. You let go in a way that you can never do in a dance class. You can’t make a mistake or do anything wrong! It doesn’t take dance technique; it takes guts.” ~ Lynda Raino


Body as storyteller, Rust allows the 50+ dancer to continue sharing the wealth of stories that live in the body. This movement-based class invites the body to take up space, and lubricate the joints while dropping into the somatic medicine of movement and music in a communal setting. We flock, we wave, we huddle, we expand, we invite ourselves to explore and celebrate what the body can do right here and now. We are interested in the freedom and expression available at any age within each individual body. No plies, no tendues, no jumps and no going to the floor.