Dance improvisation provides the ability to be fully present with the body through making spontaneous creative movement choices. By learning improv, we gather tools to create on the spot, such as how to relate to space, the capabilities of your body, the use of time and music, your emotional expressive and interpretive self, and how to relate to other people in the space in order to be the creator and the observer of your experience all at once.

As we learn to improvise, we blend freedom of movement with structure by integrating improvisational guidelines. Improv is an endless process of discovery and creativity open to all levels of experience.


Body as storyteller, Rust allows the 50+ dancer to continue sharing the wealth of stories that live in the body. This movement-based class invites the body to take up space, and lubricate the joints while dropping into the somatic medicine of movement and music in a communal setting. We flock, we wave, we huddle, we expand, we invite ourselves to explore and celebrate what the body can do right here and now. We are interested in the freedom and expression available at any age within each individual body. No plies, no tendues, no jumps and no going to the floor.