COVID Update

Message from Director & Faculty

Raino Dancing Community.

We send love to you and yours and greatly miss dancing with you in community.

Big times. Overwhelming times.

The faculty have had to face challenging truths with regards to the remainder of the Full Year Program as it is highly unlikely we will be able to return to studio before July.

We have cancelled the June show & taken teaching online in a new format – STORM DANCER.

Together we mourn the choreographies we had begun and the unmet potential of our Earth inspired June show. We have collectively decided that the idea remains alive & we will see it through in new iteration when the storm passes and our attention can again turn to safely sharing dance with large audiences.

Regardless of present or future circumstances, we will always be dancers: flexible, disciplined, creative and graceful. These qualities serve us in problem solving on our feet and we have turned our creative energy toward dancing through the storm and emerging stronger together.

We would love for you to join us and become a STORM DANCER!

I am presently a student and would like information on transfers/refunds please.