Movement (Re)Mastered Workshop

Movement (Re)Mastered a workshop with Kevin Yee-Chan

Sundays 10am – 1pm Oct 6 – Nov 10

$162.75 all in OR subtract $5 for cheque or cash

We all have patterns in our range of motion and movement. This six-class series is directed at recognizing them, deconstructing them and reconstructing them in a way that is creative and unique to your personal expression.

You’ll begin by learning a warm-up sequence to carry you through the six weeks, a physical form designed to awaken precise awareness in the body and bring the mind to meditative rest.

Using task-based improvisational exercises, you’ll be guided through a variety of bodily investigations that implore you to discover different avenues of motion as well as your signature quality of movement.

You’ll continue by learning more about the art of storytelling and its importance in communicating the essence of your message with clarity and captivation.

This is a process of creating your own piece of movement art with the opportunity of sharing it at a showing among the family and friends of Raino Dance.

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