Storm Dancer – Dance Online

STORM DANCER :: emerge stronger together

Online April 1, 2020

What: weekly online DANCE DROPS on 12 STORM DANCER interactive Facebook Groups

Who: existing students, former students, new students ALL ARE WELCOME


  • build & hone technique
  • stay or get in dancer shape
  • be creatively inspired
  • you can comment with requests & questions, engage in dance video missions, post pictures of your wee dance space, dance with your family at home!
  • join our intentional community focused on providing a unique, comprehensive dance education to adults of all levels on your time, in your home.
  • Support our teachers & each other to weather this storm and emerge stronger together

Investment: $80.33/ month all in (April – June confirmed; July onward TBD)

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STORM DANCER Kit includes

10% off next 2 years of Raino Dance Full Year Programming

Raino Faculty weekly Dance Drops on ALL Storm Dancer private interactive Facebook groups

  • 6 genres all levels: contemporary, jazz, ballet, flamenco, hiphop, efunk
  • 3 fitness: pilates fusion, yoga flow, floor barre
  • 3 social interactive: Club Dance Movie (you watch, we discuss together); Club Creative Bookworm (you read, we discuss together); Shop Talk featuring interviews with teachers and other creatives in our community & beyond

Storm Dancer shout outs on Raino Social Media channels celebrating you.