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2018 SWEATS summer workshop series :: july & august

Free your dancer this summer with a cornucopia of dance styles that will lift your spirit and challenge your body & mind supported by a crew of excellent instructors and music to rock your world. Come to sweat, stay to play!

A great opportunity to take the leap into a new style, to try dance for the first time, to reconnect with your dancing self or keep your dance alive over the summer. Our Summer Workshop Series allows you to choose from five unique 5 day intensives. You join us Monday to Friday evening for your chosen week. By engaging with a style for five consecutive days, students consistently leave excited by the results, as well as having connected with a new, creative community. Take one week or take all seven!

Price is $130 per week* (tax included)

sign up onlline or cheque made payable to Raino Dance Inc.

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Contemporary 1

Come and explore dynamic Contemporary dance with its diverse music, rhythms and movement patterns.  We will explore our paths in space & weight and body alignment as we progress through creative choreography. Express yourself through this dynamic dance form with support, humor and engaging choreography.

Contemporary 2/3

Keep your dancer moving this summer in a dynamic contemporary class with fabulous music and a playful style. Explore grace and your bodies potential as we move from the floor to the skies in this energetic and inspired class supported by Kathy’s accessible expertise and  imaginative choreography. For experienced dancers.

Flamenco 1

The basics of braceo (arms), torso, florea (hands), cadera (hips), marcaje (marking steps) and breaks will be explored, introducing students to this sensual, powerful form. Both for men and women alike, no experience necessary.

Flamenco 2

This class is for dancers who have at least a few years of experience in Flamenco. Although this class will be covering a lot of the technique in Level 1, we will be moving faster and deeper into the art form by exploring more complex rhythms and more intricate footwork. Ole!

Ballet 1

Get moving in the classical style without the intimidation or stress often associated with Ballet. We will take plenty of time to explain terminology and address questions. A class that is user-friendly and paced to bring ballet to the people. Working with David and Amalia is like ballet therapy full of joy, support and grace.


Ballet 2/3

A class to build flexibility and maintain muscle tone at the barre, with the intent to “let loose” with some juicy center exercises. We will place an emphasis on developing a wide range of classical steps and learning a solo choreography.



Hip Hop 1

This is a class for beginners interested in exploring their inner urban funkster. Join Amanda as she teaches you the basic grooves and techniques of hip hop. A master of breaking down the sometimes complex nature of the style she will have you walking out of class feeling confident with your steps, excited about the next class and sweaty to the bone! If you are ready to challenge your funk and cheer each other on, this is the class for you as Ms. Zinc always delivers upbeat, positive vibes while jamming out to great music.

Hip Hop 2

Check out the hip hop description above and cut down the reps, amp up the intensity and add more hard-hitting choreography. We will sweat!

Jazz 1

Find your groove in this high-energy Jazz class with a focus on feeling good and self expression. This class is structured to make you work hard and is open to beginners as well as those seasoned dancers  wishing to brush up on technique. Class includes full body warm up designed to increase strength and flexibility, cross-floor and rhythmical combos that will incorporate familiar jazz moves such as Sugars, Suzy-Qs, Shim Sham Shimmys as well as new contemporary fusions. You’ll leave this class feeling strong and full of life!

Jazz 2/3

Get ready to work in this fast-paced, high-energy Jazz class. Flexibility, strength, jumps and turns, are just a few of the elements we’ll be working with as we groove our way to the final combo.  Dyana allows one’s own personal rhythm and style to enhance movement and inspire a deep connection to the music and to the mind, body, and spirit.  Come play and dance in this safe and supportive space.

Efunk 1

Want to get up and rock the dance floor? This is the class for you. Warm up with isolations of hips, ribs, shoulders, head, active stretching and pilates inspired core work. Then it’s “dance party!” where we connect simple grooves & styling inspired by jazz, funk, modern & hip hop to bring on the heat. Explore a sassy creative choreography bit inspired by music, sunglasses, heels or whatever catches the fancy! Bring water and your super sassy attitude as we get sweaty and dance hard

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