Summer Sweats in Studio

Summer SWEATS weeknite workshops 2021

You join us Monday to Friday evenings for the style(s) of your choice. By engaging with a style for five consecutive days, students consistently leave excited by the results as well as having connected with a new, creative community.

A great opportunity to try a style with a friend or perhaps a teenager in your life…thats right…we are inviting teenagers for this special offering.

Investment: $150* sign up online
(*tax included; online payments additional service fee)

2713 Quadra Street (Victoria Academy of Ballet)

Health protocol for all:
Do not come to class if you are experiences Covid symptoms, have been out of the country and/or been advised to quarantine.
Arrive dressed in your dance clothes with limited extra gear.
Place your belongings at a physical distance from others belongings.
High volume areas will be disinfected between use.

Ballet 1

Learn the basics of ballet while building grace, poise, flexibility and strength. Experience the classical style without the intimidation or stress often associated with Ballet. We will take plenty of time to explain the language of ballet and address questions. A class that is “user-friendly” and paced to bring ballet “to the people”.

Ballet 2

Build flexibility, maintain muscle tone and enhance technique with the intent to “let loose” with juicy center exercises. Emphasis placed on developing a wide range of classical steps. Each class provides full workout at barreadagepirouettes, moving turns, petit allegro, and grand allegro. Learn choreography intended to challenge technique and nurture the foundation which ballet provides for the committed dancer.

Flamenco 1

Experience the power of rhythm & sensuality in this foot stomping, hand clapping expressive dance form from Southern Spain. You will learn the basics of rhythm while exploring foot patterns, classic arm & hand movements, and the fundamentals of feet and hand percussion. If you love rhythm and crave a potent, proud form of expression this class is for you.

Flamenco 2

Classes explore both traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance. Braceo (arms), florea (hands), torso, cadera (hips), turns (vueltas) and percussive elements (feet, palmas, body percussion, pitos). Musical interpretation, a diversity of palos (song styles) explored. Amp up the speed and complexity as you integrate the upper and lower body into a tornado of powerful rhythm and sensuality.

Intro to Ballet

Step by step explanation and exploration of essential barre exercises and how they relate to classical dance when moving through ballet combinations. Perfect for those brand new to ballet or those wanting to go right back to the fundamental techniques.

Jazz 1/2

Joyful, grounded, groove inspired dance class that explores the basics of feet patterns, jumps, turns and jazz styling. Jazz can be powerful, percussive, expressive and lyrical. Learn solid jazz technique while exploring choreography influenced by a large range of musical styles, from Miles Davis to Rhianna. A high-energy class that is always moving, prepare to get a great workout and have a whole lotta high kicking fun!

Contemporary 1/2

Contemporary dance is as unique as each teacher that teaches it. Each teacher takes the music, movements and qualities that they enjoy and creates their own style from it. It explores new ways to move, roll, jump, turn and fall. You will learn basic contemporary dance technique: rhythm, body placement and movement patterns set to a wide range of musical accompaniment from gospel to solo guitar, crazy experimental sounds, to world beat and pop.

Hiphop 1

Learn the basic movements of hip hop through grooving. With lots of repetition you will feel more comfortable with your body and the movements as you connect to the music and get your sweat on! Students can expect to get all the wild, sexy, pumped up moves of the Hip Hop world in a way that focuses on two things: having fun and getting sweaty!

Hiphop 2/3

Deepen your groove as you explore more challenging moves and intricate choreography while improving your cardio, flexibility and strength. A wide variety of hip hop terminology will be used, as we take a deeper look into some of the original styles of hip hop. Get all the wild, sexy, pumped up moves of the Hip Hop world while focusing on two things: having fun and getting sweaty!

Get your ass movin! a heels class

Dancing in heels is the art of letting your hips roll, your potent feminine power-ship sway and unabashedly moving in your big sexy queen space. Dancing in heels also allows for deep squats and incredible leg line and works balance, core and the always challenging duality of lift vs. let go. I am super excited to play sassy with you beauties…this class has been a long time coming!

you will need a pair of heels, preferably light boots or heels with full foot cover so they don’t fall off. heel size dependant on individual comfort in the heel. ask yourself “can i rise on my toes and run in these babies?”

Flamenco 1/2 tangos + technique

Rev up your flamenco shoes my friends it is time to dial in your footwork with some bootcamp style technique rounded out with an exploration of the palo (songstyle) tangos. Tangos is flirtatious and cheeky with plenty of opportunity to get the hips, hands and heart dancing. Bring a skirt if you like them and a vest if you don’t. Ole!

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