At Raino Dance we are committed to a safe and non-competitive environment that provides professional training to nonprofessional & professional adult dancers of all sizes, ages, body types and abilities. Furthermore we provide a hub for creators both professional and nonprofessional, to create and showcase their work in studio or otherwise.

“You don’t have to have a dancer’s body to dance, just a body that dances” – Lynda Raino.


Lynda_Raino_drumRaino Dance (formerly Lynda Raino Dance) is an established and unique cultural gem of Victoria, BC since 1982 when it began with one teacher, Lynda Raino, and one genre of dance – modern. Today it is a thriving center for adult dance with ten professional dance instructors, over 250 students & six genres of dance. It has won multiple local M Awards for ‘Best Place to Dance’ and its teachers have been voted ‘Best Dancer’. Its founder Lynda Raino has received a Woman of Distinction for Arts & Culture award in 1997 & a Lifetime Achievement award in 2010 from Dance Victoria. It has spearheaded Big Dance (a dance class just for big woman) & Rust (a dance class for dancers over 60). In 2012 Lynda’s protégé, creator of the flamenco program, and powerhouse dancer/choreographer Monique Salez purchased the school and as artistic director has revitalized the studio and it’s branding with an eye to many more decades of dance.


Do I have to stay in the class I am in for the whole year?

This is preferable. We want you to grow together as a class from September to June, to build community with the people in your class as well, in most classes, a choreography. However, if the level isn’t working the teacher will ask you to move up or down as needed.  If you experience a schedule change we can accommodate a shift as well.

I am going away for a month at Christmas.  Do I have to pay for that month?

Yes.  You are claiming a place in your class for the whole year and therefore you pay for that spot. If you are away you will be marked absent for all classes you miss and can make up all of those missed classes in any other classes at your level in the school.

Due to geography or schedule I can’t come weekly, can I do drop in?

Yes.  You can buy  “Gift Certificate/Punch Card” for either 5 or 10 classes.

5 classes $110 + $5.50 tax = $115.50

10 classes $220 + $11.00 = $231.00

I don’t know what I want to take?   Can I try the class first and then sign up?

Yes, you pay a drop in fee of $22 (cash only) for the class.  Then if you register in the following week, we put that $22 towards your registration.

I am a student at UVIc and only here until the end of April.

No problem, you are registered as a partial student.   We register you from the day you begin until April 30th .

I am a Nurse and have a three week night shift and three week days. Can I take the Level 2 night class for three weeks and then switch to the day class?

Yes, we actually make this concession ONLY for nurses because you would simply be unable to dance otherwise.   Just know that you will have a different teacher for each of these classes.   This is not the best situation for you, but at least you will not break your continuity.

What is contemporary?

Contemporary dance is as different as every teacher that teaches it.   Each teacher takes the music, movements and qualities that they enjoy and creates their own style from it.   So the biggest task is to find a teacher that you can relate to.   Every teacher will have different things to offer. The biggest difference between modern and other dance styles is the music.   Modern uses ALL kinds of music, which informs the choreography.    For example, in classical ballet classes, you can be assured that you will hear beautiful classical music; in Hiphop, you are going to hear only Hiphop music; but in Modern we use everything from a gospel choir, a solo guitar,  crazy experimental sounds, or world beat to give us the emotional responses we want for the choreography.  Not sure? Try a class.

I want to take the Day Contemporary 2 class and one Night Contemporary 2 class to make up my two classes per week.

Sorry, for the night classes in Levels 1 and 2 we require that you commit to two classes per week otherwise you will always be 50% behind your class.   Our day classes are only a once a week commitment, but the night classes are 2.

Note:    Contemporary Level 3 students are permitted to take only one class per week.   We find that they are technically able to catch up.   But this is only if finances or scheduling is a problem for them.   We don’t encourage it.

Should I take Level 2 or 3?

This is a decision made by the student and the teacher. Whatever class you decide on, if it ends up being the wrong level for you, we can adjust your enrolment. For some it is a personality call.   If you are the kind of person who likes to be in control of your body at all times, and prefer to be at the top of the class, you may choose to take level 2.  If you thrive in a class where people are more advanced than you and are stimulated by being pushed, perhaps Level 3 is the correct choice. Class should be neither boring nor stressful but stimulating . The final call on level is determined by the teacher.

I don’t have a chequing account.  Can I pay in cash each month?

With our large student body we simply don’t have the office staff to accommodate cash coming in monthly.   You have two options other than cheques.

  1. Pay cash for full years fees ($25 registration fee is waived)
  2. Online payment via credit card

What is the policy for making up missed classes?

At the beginning of the year you will receive a Make-Up Ticket (we calll it a MUT…it is a punch card) with a certain number of classes given to you dependant on how many classes a week you are registered for. These are for you to use whether you miss or not and are for you only and non-transferrable. They are valid only when you are a registered paying student and only in the Full Year Program ending on the last class of June of that year. You can use it in any class at your level with available space. The numbers are as follows: 1 class/wk = 3;  2 class/wk = 5; 3 class/wk = 7; 4 class/wk = 9; 5 class/wk = 10.

What if I want to add or remove a course after I have registered?

Please come in during office hours before the first of the month or before your date of automatic debit from your credit card. We will then adjust your payments and contract to reflect the shift.

I need to cancel my contract and quit.  How do I proceed with this?

Visit the office at your earliest convenience and we will do the necessary administration to cancel the contract. You will forfeit one month’s fees and we will return or shred your remaining cheques or cancel your automatic debit from your credit card.

What do I wear?

  • Hiphop – loose clothes, clean inside shoes (in hand not on your feet until you are in the studio), layers, bring water
  • Ballet – large range of choices; tights & leotards with chiffon skirt all the way to sweats and a t-shirt; ballet shoes required (canvas are less expensive or leather shoes which cost more but last longer)  We recommend Toes n Taps on Cook St.
  • Contemporary – loose clothes, bare feet, layers; some people like socks, water,
  • Flamenco – workout pants, layers, a skirt may be required later in the course for women & a vest for men; a heeled shoe either character shoes (Toes n Taps, less expensive) or flamenco shoes (flamencowest.com expensive but if you are hooked on flamenco you will want a good pair) *email monique@rainodance.com for full flamenco shoe info
  • EFunk – loose clothes, clean, non-grippy inside shoes or bare feet, layers, bring water
  • Jazz – loose clothes, clean, non-grippy inside shoes or bare feet, layers, bring water